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Servers and Storage

HP ship a server every 14 seconds World’s undisputed leading servers’ vendor

- Product range  includes  solutions  for businesses of all sizes.

- Fully  redundant   architecture   and  limitless   storage available.

- Solutions fit for critical mission setups.

- Virtualized in less than a minute.

- FIVE years warranty and Four-Hours replacement policy joins our servers

Printing Solutions

27 years of printing experience World’s leading printing solutions

- Reduce up to 50% of  your ink & printing costs

- Photo quality printers including  E-print features

- Toners, inks and supplies available

- FIVE years warranty with replacement policy

Computing and data storage  

Workstations PC's and Notebooks

Built for High-end computing & Virtualization for everyday business need

- Solutions   equipped   with Dual  Xeon  CPU, 2TB Memory and up to 8 monitors

- AutoCAD certified solutions

- Systems can be managed remotely

- Power and space saving solutions

- 24-hour non-stop operation capable solutions

- FIVE Years onsite warranty

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